The hand test

A successful job interview should go through 5 stages. It is easy to remember the sequence of these 5 stages by the fingers of your hand.

To complete this exercise, re-order the 5 stages of the interview by dragging each stage to its associated finger. You have to follow the proper order, starting with the thumb.

  • Hi
    • Good morning Mr .../Mrs ...
    • Thank you for seeing me.
    • I am pleased to meet you.
    • I know we only have .../a few minutes.
  • Me
    • This reminds me that I did/achieved ...
    • As far as ... is concerned, I did/achieved ...
    • Here are the key points of my profile: ...
    • I can ... I achieved ... Here are 3 achievements of mine: ...
    • As an answer let me describe an achievement of mine: ...
  • You
    • Which aspect of my application motivated you to see me?
    • Could you elaborate on the text of your ad?
    • What are your priorities for the next 12 months?
    • What are the key duties/responsibilities of the position?
  • Bye bye
    • Who should initiate the next step?
    • Within what timeframe?
  • We
    • Can we discuss some points in more detail?
    • What do we do? What do we decide? When do we start?
    • I am keen to join your firm.
    • Do we decide to work together?
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